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 John McCrae’s Grave

Lt Col John McCrae


In Flanders Fields Lesson Plans - Educational Kit Intro

Year 2008

  • Marks the 90th anniversary of the death of Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, author of the iconic poem IN In Flanders Fields
  • Marks the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War
    (the Great War…the War to End All Wars).

This Educational Kit commemorates both, paying tribute to our veterans and signifying our commitment to remembering all fallen soldiers and a re-commitment to Remembrance and global peace.

Lesson Plans 1 – 6 (Grade Levels: K – 12)

The In Flanders Fields Lesson Plans:

  • Are designed as social studies curriculum support to help educators enrich the learning experience of students by actively involving students in activities to mark Remembrance Day.
  • May also be used in music, dance and visual arts studies (the arts of war) plus for studies in military history, war and peace.
  • May be taught individually, in any order or chronologically as a series of lessons.

Individual Lesson Plans

  1. Lesson Plan 1 - The Story Behind In Flanders Fields Poem
    Do any of your students know the story behind the creation of the poem?
  2. Lesson Plan 2 – In Flanders Fields Poem Analysis
    Discuss the poem’s message and the meaning of each of the 3 stanzas.
  3. Lesson Plan 3 – In Flanders Fields Poem - Inspiration Behind the Poppy
    Discuss the poem’s inspiration for the poppy as a symbol of Remembrance.
  4. Lesson Plan 4 - Who was Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae?
    Learn about the life of John McCrae plus about McCrae’s Medals and McCrae Museum.
  5. Lesson Plan 5 - The Story Behind In Flanders Fields Song
    Review the story behind the music adaptation of the poem.
  6. Lesson Plan 6 –In Flanders Fields Song - Music Analysis
    Explore the compositional techniques used in creating the music for the poem.

Lesson Plan Supplements - Additional Exercises

    Educators, have your students learn and sing the In Flanders Fields song.
    A copy of the piano/voice sheet music is included for educators to accompany students on piano. The CD also includes a Karaoke backing track for the In Flanders Fields song.
  • A Brief Outline of WWI
    Review a brief outline of the First World War including countries involved, casualties and statistics (WWI Chronology included).

To purchase Lesson Plans 1 through 6 visit the Download Lesson Plans page.

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