Essex Farm Cemetery – Flanders

 John McCrae’s Grave

Lt Col John McCrae


In Flanders Fields Lesson Plans - Unit Overview

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IN FLANDERS FIELDS Educational Kit - A Series of 6 Lesson Plans for K - 12

Lesson plans are designed as social studies curriculum support to help educators enrich the learning experience of students
by actively involving students in activities to mark Remembrance Day.


Lesson Plan 1

Lesson Plan 2

Focus Time

WWI 1914 - 1918

WWI 1914 - 1918

Essay Topics

Story Behind the Poem In Flanders Fields

Analysis of the Poem In Flanders Fields

Learning Outcomes

Identify the events and the inspriration behind the poem's creation and through application, commit the poem to memory

Examine the poem's use of structure, imagery & contrast and explore the poem's message and meaning

K - Grade 3

1. Complete the poem
2. Create and color a poster
3. Adapt the poem for singing using melody of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

1. Create a puzzle
2. Recite the poem a word at a time
3. Play "I Spy" with images from the poem

Grade 4 – 12

1. Write a letter to McCrae
2. Write an essay as a WWI soldier
3. Conduct an interview with John McCrae

1. Start a debate: pro-war, anti-war or neither
2. Act out the poem through "Role Playing"

Materials: Poem, CD (CD player required) BLM = Black Line Master

Essay: Story Behind Poem

Essay: Analysis of Poem
BLM-A: Finish poem BLM-D: Finish/colour poppy
BLM-B: Poem matching BLM-E: Oiginal poem
BLM-C: Adapt to singing  


Lesson Plan 3

Lesson Plan 4

Focus Time

Mid 1800's - Today

1872 - 1918

Essay Topics

Inspiration for the Poppy & Remembrance

Who was John McCrae? Life Timeline

Learning Outcomes

Explore the charactersistics of the poppy, how the poem inspired its use as a symbol of Remembrance and who were the people involved

Examine the life of John McCrae as a soldier, physician, teacher, writer and poet (learn of his war medals & the McCrae House museum)

K - Grade 3

1. Create a clay or play dough poppy
2. Dance the life of a poppy (creative movement)
3. Colour and make a paper poppy

1. Use drawings to create the life of McCrae
2. Draw McCrae's war medals
3. Make a medal for a student

Grade 4 – 12

1. Research global Remembrance
2. Write a card/letter to a veteran
3. Role Play first person accounts of reading the poem

1. Recreate John McCrae's life in essay form
2. Role play McCrae  as a civilian, a soldier, a physician, etc

Materials: Poem, CD (CD player required) BLM = Black Line Master

Essay: Poppy/Remembrance Essay: Story of McCrae
BLM-F: Make paper poppy BLM-H: McCrae timeline
BLM-G: Remembrance Match  


Lesson Plan 5

Lesson Plan 6

Focus Time

1917 - 2008


Essay Topics

Story Behind the Music Adaptation of In Flanders Fields

Analyis of the Music Adaptation for In Flanders Fields

Learning Outcomes

Explore the events that inspired the composer to create a music adaptation of the poem In Flanders Fields

Analyze the composer's use of rhythm, melody and harmony to convey the poems' message & learn the song

K - Grade 3

1. Color the instruments used in the music
2. Match the correct description to each instrument
3. Learn the song

1. Mime playing the instruments
2. Learn the song In Flanders Fields

Grade 4 – 12

1. Learn the song
2. Create a discussion on how time affects memory of WWI
3. Write an essay about the discussion

1. Write their own song to the music
2. Conduct an interview with the composer
3. Change the style of music

Materials: Poem, CD (CD player required) BLM = Black Line Master

Essay: Story Behind Music Essay: Music Analysis
BLM-I: Colour Instruments BLM-K: Match Music Terms
BLM-J: Match Instruments Sheet Music for IFF


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