Essex Farm Cemetery – Flanders

 John McCrae’s Grave

Lt Col John McCrae


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Flanders Fields Educational Kit -
6 Lesson Plans for Teachers

The IN FLANDERS FIELDS Educational Kit – 6 Lesson Plans for Teachers is designed as social studies curriculum support for grade school students.

Flanders Fields lesson plan units help educators to enrich the learning experience of students by actively involving students in Remembrance Day activities.

The Kit may also be used in music, dance and visual arts studies (the arts of war) plus for studies in military history, and war and peace. Flanders Fields lesson plans may be taught individually, in any order or chronologically as a series of lessons.

Lesson plan units also include Black Line Masters for student exercises plus Remembrance Day activities and crafts.

Flanders Fields Educational Kit Includes:

  • Red PoppyTeacher’s Guide/ BOOKLET
  • CD that includes…
  • All 6 Flanders Fields Lesson Plans
  • Individual PDF files of all Black Line Masters
  • Vocal Version of In Flanders Fields Song
  • Instrumental Version
  • Karaoke Backing track of the Song
  • Remembrance Day Activities
  • Vocal Sheet Music
  • Additional materials & appendices


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Flanders Fields Educational Kit

includes CD & all 6 Lesson Plans for Teachers
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Flanders Fields Educational Kit

Each Lesson Plan Includes:
Lesson Plan Overview
In Flanders Fields Poem
Lesson Plan Data Sheet /Essay
Teacher’s Review Questions
Remembrance Day Activities/Black Line Masters

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Flanders Fields Music
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To Download Individual Lesson Plans as PDF Files
Visit these pages (only $10 each)


Lesson Plan #1 Story Behind In Flanders Fields Poem
Lesson Plan #2 Flanders Fields Poem Analysis
Lesson Plan #3 Inspiration for Poppy
Lesson Plan #4 Who Was Lt. Col John McCrae?
Lesson Plan #5 Story Behind Flanders Fields Song
Lesson Plan #6 Flanders Fields Song & Music Analysis

“I'm looking forward to using some of the material
for my Remembrance Day program, in particular your song.

Thank you for putting this package for teachers together.”
Gayla W.

My grade 4’s are enjoying the material you prepared a great deal.
My colleague and I have taken a keen interest
Canada’s contributions to World War I and II.
In fact, our school has raised money to purchase 3
JunoBeach bricks
– my fellow teacher is responsible for this work
and she has really developed a keen interest

among the students for Canada’s war effort.
Your work has further inspired us. Thank you so much.
Our Remembrance Day service will be richer thanks to your music.”
Jeff T.

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MP3 Version!

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Flanders Fields Lesson Plans

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