Essex Farm Cemetery – Flanders

 John McCrae’s Grave

Lt Col John McCrae


Flanders Fields Educational Kit Overview

Educational Kit with CD & Booklet / Teacher’s Guide, which Includes:

Lesson Plan 1 - Unit Overview - The Story Behind the Poem
Lesson Plan 2 - Unit Overview - Analysis of the Poem
Lesson Plan 3 - Unit Overview - Inspiration Behind the Poppy
Lesson Plan 4 - Unit Overview - Who was John McCrae?
Lesson Plan 5 - Unit Overview - The Story Behind the Music
Lesson Plan 6 - Unit Overview - Analysis of the Music Adaptation

PDF files on the CD for Lesson Plans 1 – 6 all include additional course materials outlined as follows:

Lesson Plan Overview
In Flanders Fields Poem
Lesson Plan Data Sheet /Essay
Teacher’s Review Questions
Black Line Masters / Exercises
(Note: Lesson 6 also includes the piano/vocal sheet music)

EDUCATIONAL KIT – Accompanying CD Includes:

Vocal Song Version of IN FLANDERS FIELDS
Instrumental Version of IN FLANDERS FIELDS
Karaoke background music for IN FLANDERS FIELDS
Dance/Music Video of IN FLANDERS FIELDS

Plus the following supplemental materials as downloadable pdf files

Education Kit Unit Overview
Lesson Plans 1 – 6
Appendix 1 – WWI Statistics
Appendix 2 – WWI Chronology
Appendix 3 – John McCrae Time Line
Appendix 4 – Anthony Hutchcroft Bio
Appendix 5 – Lest We Forget (poem by Anthony Hutchcroft)
Appendix 6 – For the Fallen (poem by Laurence Binyon)
Appendix 7 – WWI Photo Retrospective
Appendix 8 – Acknowledgements
Appendix 9 – The Story Behind the Video (Lee Kwidzinski/Choreographer)
In Flanders Fields – Piano/Vocal Sheet Music
Lesson Plan Supplement - A Brief Outline of WWI
Black Line Master A – Complete the Poem
Black Line Master B – Poem Matching Exercise
Black Line Master C – Adapt the Poem for Singing
Black Line Master D – Complete & Colour the Poppy
Black Line Master E – Write an Original Poem
Black Line Master F – Colour & Create a Paper Poppy
Black Line Master G – Remembrance Matching Exercise
Black Line Master H – McCrae Timeline Matching Exercise
Black Line Master I – Colour the Musical Instruments
Black Line Master J – Music Matching Exercise
Black Line Master K – Musical Terms Matching Exercise

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