Essex Farm Cemetery – Flanders

 John McCrae’s Grave

Lt Col John McCrae


In Flanders Fields Song - Sheet Music

Piano/Vocal Easy-Sing Chart – Key of C
Piano/Vocal Chart – Original Key of F
SATB Choir Arrangement – Key of E

In Flanders Fields Sheet Music – Key of C

"I really admire your setting of the poem, and am interested in purchasing the music.
Our school would like to include a sung version of In Flanders Fields for our Remembrance Day ceremony this year.” 
June S (Fruitvale, BC)

“I’m very impressed with the melody-
it’s majestic and meditative at the same time.

The PDF version opened without problems.”
David C (Van Buren, Maine, USA)

“Your materials look really good!
I have always struggled to make
Remembrance Day relevant and appropriate
for elementary students.
I am interested in purchasing
for our district Resource Centre
and/or to recommend to school librarians"
Suzanne H (Maple Ridge, BC)

Easy Sing – Key of C Piano/Vocal Sheet Music

Flanders Fields Sheet Music available as PDF Download Only

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BUY Piano/Vocal Flanders Fields Sheet Music!

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Choir Arrangement by Simeon Benavent

Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass - Key of E

Suitable for School Choirs
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“I can see this rendition of one of Canada's fundamental building blocks
being featured on every occasion when we refer to our formative heritage,
the sacrifice of those who served and
Canada's role in the two World Wars,
and now Afghanistan.”
Peter Grauer – Author of “Interred with Their Bones”

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Flanders Fields CD

Music: Composed by Anthony Hutchcroft
Poem: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae (1915)

In 1997, Arthur Lee, a Toronto businessman, donated John McCrae’s war medals to the McCrae House museum after purchasing them at an auction for over half a million dollars!

When asked why he did it, Lee replied, “We don’t have very many Canadian heroes and we have very quickly forgotten the ones we do have. I just wanted John McCrae to be remembered.”

Setting John McCrae’s famous war memorial poem to music is another way of helping us to remember John McCrae and his iconic war memorial poem In Flanders Fields.

The central idea behind writing the In Flanders Fields song was to create a diatonic piece of music that was more memorable and would be more accessible to a larger audience by making it more accessible to listeners of all ages.

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