Essex Farm Cemetery – Flanders

 John McCrae’s Grave

Lt Col John McCrae


Flanders Fields Song – John McCrae’s Poem Set to Music
Listener Reviews

'You have captured the essence of Lt. Col John McCrae's poem in one swift and powerful message of song and musical sound. I was reading through the poem 'Flanders Fields,' as the music was playing and moved to tears as not one word was altered. Thank you for bringing 'Remembrance Day,' one of those moments on the 11th Month, Day and Hour that I will cherish as I remember the life of my father and the brave men and women that have served Canada in the Great War, Korea and currently Afganistan'
Robert G. Whitman, Drum Major/ Band Manager, York Regional Police Pipes & Drums

“Pipes and martial drums with a marching cadence, combined with Anthony's strong, clear voice, have resulted in a stirring rendition of one of Canada's most dearly loved poems.  I can see this rendition of one of Canada's fundamental building blocks being featured on every occasion when we refer to our formative heritage, the sacrifice of those who served and Canada's role in the two World Wars, Korea and now Afghanistan.  Karen and I wish Tony every success in his pursuit of publishing this most impressive work.”
Peter Grauer, author of “Interred with Their Bones – Bill Miner in Canada 1903-1907”

" I believe you have captured the true, heartfelt feeling of the message by John MaCrae, in not only singing with so much spirit, but also, in the fine melody you have created, that adds a new dimension to the words and  description of  IN FLANDERS FIELDS."
Wilf Ray, host of the Wilf Ray Show on AM 600

“My daughter was here for dinner and I mentioned that I had tried to find a sheet music interpretation of the poem (IN FLANDERS FIELDS) by John McCrae.  She came into my computer and brought up several but the one you composed last year was definitely ‘IT'.”
D. Peat, musical director for St. Andrew's United Church, North Vancouver, BC

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