Essex Farm Cemetery – Flanders

 John McCrae’s Grave

Lt Col John McCrae


Flanders Fields Pictures
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One spake amid the nations, "Let us cease
From darkening with strife the fair World's light,
We who are great in war be great in peace.
No longer let us plead the cause by might."

But from a million British graves took birth
A silent voice -- the million spake as one --
"If ye have righted all the wrongs of earth
Lay by the sword! Its work and ours is done."

John McCrae, Boer War 1899

"Seventeen days of Hades! At the end of the first day if anyone had told us we had to spend seventeen days there, we would have folded our hands and said it could not have been done."

John McCrae, France May 1915

Photos courtesy of Rob Ruggenberg / The Heritage of the Great War

Flanders Fields Stretcher Bearers 

Canadian stretcher bearers in Flanders fields
photographed in 1915, around the time that Canadian John McCrae
wrote his world famous war memorial poem In Flanders Fields.

Flanders Trench - With Poppies

French trench with a donkey and poppies;
this is the only color picture known to show poppies on the battlefield.
The picture was made in 1915 by an official French war photographer.

3rd Battle of Ypres - Passchendaele

Officially known as the Third Battle of Ypres,
Passchendaele became infamous not only for the scale of casualties,
but also for the mud.

Cloth Hall Ruins – Ypres Belgium

The ruins of the Cloth Hall, the Cathedral and Bishop's Palace, Ypres

WW1 Hun Pill-Box – Ypres Salient

A Hun Pill-Box amidst surroundings characteristic of the Ypres salient.

Western Front WW1 Ambulance in Mud

British soldiers pushing an ambulance car through the mud;
photographed on the Western Front, somewhere in Flanders.

WW1 War Cemetery near Flanders 1917

A War Cemetery in the Belgian village of Woesten;
the village is just behind the frontline, not far from Ypres in Flanders.
Photographed in 1917

WW1 Flooded Shell Hole

Cross in a flooded shell hole; German amateur picture.

WW1 Trench Casualties

Living among the dead!

WW1 Buy Victory Bonds

The Canadian War Department used McCrae's poem to get war loans.
The painting was made by Frank Lucien Nicolet

Bonfire Leads John McCrae’s Funeral Procession

January 29th 1918: The funeral procession of John McCrae
at Number 14 British General Hospital for Officers
in Boulogne, France, led by his horse Bonfire.
In the tradition of fallen mounted officers,
McCrae’s boots were placed backwards in the stirrups.

Photos courtesy of

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